Friday, May 11, 2012

Sentimental Bullshit For The Day

Tuffy and Michael John - 2008
Dumb post for Cat lovers....

If Cats have nine lives my big male Tabby used up two or three last week. My Wife and I came within an hour of taking him to the Vet and having him euthanized. After coming down with who knows what, this Maine Coon mix nearly died. Thanks to a very good friend, a tough-as-nails former Marine (thanks Vance B) "Tuffy" got a new lease on life. A shot of antibiotics from the Vet didn't hurt either.

Add to the facts that Mrs B and I took turns staying up all night to keep my neurotic female Cats from attacking this sick Tabby (Cats WILL do this) and he's nearly fully recovered. In his prime this Cat weighed sixteen pounds but at the vet last week he only checked in at only nine. My Wife actually had to force-feed and hydrate this stubborn fellow with an eyedropper since he refused to eat or drink for five days. Thank you Lynda.

Consider this - we were worried we'd have to put him to sleep and now that he's recovered what is he doing? Sleeping all fucking day! WTF!

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