Friday, May 11, 2012

Lumberjack Joke

After several months in the woods Olaf the lumberjack decides to head into town for a little sexual relief

Showing up in the town bordello he began by asking the Madam for something a "bit" different

"Head up to room three and you'll be in for a surprise" the Madam said

Upon entering room three the lumberjack spots a fifty-year old hag just sitting and humming

"I was told to come up and see you" said the lumberjack. "I'm in the mood for something real kinky"

The old hooker replied "come over here big boy"

Upon walking up to the hooker the lumberjack said "you don't look like nothing special"

The ancient hooker then popped out her glass eye and said "put it right here big boy"

The lumber jack proceeded to skull-fuck the shit out of the hooker for half an hour

Afterwords the lumberjack said to the hooker "Damn! That was the best fucking sex I've ever had. The next time I'm in town I will be sure to look you up

"You do that" said the hooker. "And I'll keep an eye out for you"

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