Friday, May 4, 2012

This Is Why FOX News IS Necessary

There's a story of an assault on two people that recently happened (April 14) in Norfolk, Virginia that's just NOW coming to light. The assault consisted of approximately thirty Blacks who attacked a White male and female for no apparent reason. That's not the real story here. What's really going on is the fact that the local newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot seems to have covered up the assault in what may be a politically correct attempt to hide this story.

The larger truth here is about media CONTROL and political agendas. The local newspaper chose to ignore this story for two weeks before reporting on an assault that may have been a hate crime. Now here's the real kicker - the two people assaulted, Dave Forster & Marjon Rostami, were reporters for the very same local paper.

Even now, as of May, 3, the assault story is rated somewhere between an article on the death of "crape myrtles" and and the "Lost Colony Of Roanoke" on the "local news" section of the Virginan-Pilot. Maybe it's just me, but if I were the editor of this paper this story would rate just a wee bit more attention. When you consider the feeding frenzy of attention the Travon Martin story has generated one has to wonder just what the fuck is going on with this newspaper. Their excuse for not immediately reporting on the story was "we don't cover simple assaults".

Whether anyone chooses to believe this was a case of a paper that is afraid to cover the news because it doesn't fit a progressive political agenda, or if they were being honest about not normally covering this type of crime you have to wonder why it wasn't publicized since it was their own reporters who were attacked. And why, after two weeks, is this story only now coming to light? I think we all know what the the answer is - FOX News and The O'Reilly Factor. I saw absolutely nothing about this beating on the other web sources I usually read. Of course, now that the story is receiving national attention and it can't be buried anymore it's all over the Internet.

I guess I'm bitching about this because I read Yahoo, Excite, and several other Internet directories each and every day and at least four or five times each. Until yesterday when the (two week old) story broke I had seen nothing on the Yahoo pages. Nothing. Yahoo and the other web sources usually rely on Reuters and AP for their stories. And for whatever reason, the major news services also ran nothing.

The Virginian-Pilot is now in the spotlight and they're gonna have to come up with a better explanation than the lame fucking excuse they've offered us so far. As for me, I will rely on FOX and a few other Conservative and Libertarian sites to get my information. I just can't depend on the Lame Stream Media.

This is just another nail in the coffin of traditional news outlets. Tap tap tap tap...


Anonymous said...

"But at a press conference today, interim Norfolk Police Chief Sharon Chamberlin said the department is not investigating the case as a hate crime.

“At no time in our investigation or in statements taken from the victims did it appear this assault was racially motivated,” she said."

Riiight, not a hate crime. It was a love crime, actually. They were just trying to hug that evil white couple and there was a misunderstanding. Everyone knows blacks are incapable of committing hate crime.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Somehow FOX News got hold of the initial arrest report and published it last night. The box for the racial/hate crime WAS checked.

My guess is the Pilot is hoping this is all gonna die down. There is too much of this Trayvon payback shit happening for us to let them walk it back. They need to come up with a better explanation than the one they have right now.