Friday, May 4, 2012

Well Hot Damn! Omama Told The Truth! Or Did He?

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I'm so fucking confused about this story that I'm shaking like a dog shitting peach pits. Was Omama's girlfriend a bullshit story or the truth? And here I've been doing the horizontal bop with real live women all of my life. Silly me.

Here's a tasty little story from the Telegraph in the U.K. that helps explain the significance of not knowing what's true and what's isn't when it comes to Omama and his "composite" life story.

Here's a "composite" image of Omama for all the progressives to enjoy. Note the toned arms. I bet Chris Matthews is tingling all over again just looking at this lovely photo.

I wonder what other fascinating tales president Berry Sotero has made up that we're in the dark about? Thanks again Lame Steam Media for NOT doing your job and vetting this liar.

Image source downloaded here.

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Anonymous said...

That picture is horrifying. I just about hurled!