Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If You Control The Bully Pulpit... You Get To Bully!

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Recently the topic of bullying has been quite popular. Here's a wonderful example of bullying masquerading as teaching. BTW, I took the liberty of modifying the image featured here. I couldn't find a picture of Tonya Dixon-Neely on the Web so the Hitler cartoon I just downloaded will have to do. I confess to editing the blackboard. Was I wrong?

I've been reading this story for the last two days, and as with many stories concerning the blind admiration and submission for Omama it pisses me off! I'm talking about North Carolina teacher Tonya Dixon-Neely who berated  fifteen-year old student Hunter Rogers for daring to argue with her about the legalities of criticizing Berry Omama AKA "Dear Leader" ( North Korea anyone?).

What may be done to remedy the situation?
First: I suggest this ignorant excuse for an educator learn the difference between the words "criticize" and "threaten". It is NOT against the law to criticize a sitting president. If that were the case, most of the Lame Stream Media would have been jailed four years ago. A healthy course in honesty would also come in handy. Using lies (no one was arrested for criticizing GWB) to advance one's personal political viewpoints seems to be a favorite tactic of the progressives. I.E. when you can't win an argument on facts just dazzle em with bullshit.

Second: using a teaching position to promote and advance personal political views is nothing short of propaganda. Our schools and grades are falling and failing in many cases because of the advancement of progressive agendas in lieu of real education. What happened to teaching the three R's and other sciences? Dixon is a bully and needs to STOP with the progressive talking points in class. Save it for the Union meetings or fire her ass!

Third: after listening to the rant of this teacher I've come to the conclusion SHE is the one who needs further education ... in civics and English. Could she be an undereducated affirmative action teacher who is in way over her head and out of her league? Just asking since she doesn't sound very well educated or articulate to me. The young man she argued with pwned her ass in my opinion. And - he could teach this instructor a thing or two about the First Amendment. I wonder just what other misinformation she's blathered on about in her classroom rants? After all - this is the only incident that was recorded.

This "teacher" has subsequently been suspended and is NOT responding to phone calls. Hiding out much?


Adrienne said...

Here's the only pic I found of her. It's taken with her son and husband.

This blog posted it:

If you Google her name in images, you'll find this pic.

You're welcome...

What a horrible woman...

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

If I get a better photo of her I will do a little image editing. As of now the Hitler pic conveys my message. Thanks Adrienne.

And I agree, she needs to be driving a bus or delivering mail - anything to get her out of the classroom where she's doing so much damage. And it doesn't matter whether one supports Omama or Romney. The point is she is lying to her students. That's unforgivable.

And what gives me hope is this young man did NOT buy into her propaganda. Even the fifteen-year old school-boy in this story understands the Constitution.