Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WTF Was Wrong With Bob Beckel Today?

I usually watch "The Five" on FOX News channel each weekday and it's good fun to watch Bob Beckel's liberal head explode on a regular basis. So what in the hell was happening today with ol' Bob? He's one of the most confrontational people on air but today he was as subdued as a kitten. He appeared to be either stoned, zonked out on Valiums, or just plain gassed. Take your pick.

Bare in mind I have no problem if Bob wants to get loaded. I've been known to pull a cork from time to time and in my younger single days I "experimented" with damn near anything and everything. But, unless I missed a pre-program explanation Bob was loaded on something today. Something was different.

Or maybe it was just me and a Freudian longing for the old days...

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Robert Hewes said...

Maybe he suddenly realized that all the bullshit he's been spewing is exactly that?