Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're Mad As Hell And Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

That's what I would like to hear from the people of NY who are once again being victimized by their own Mayor. Now Mikey Bloomberg is proposing a ban (again) on all sugary drinks over sixteen ounces. Sugary? Can you be any more ambiguous Mr. Mayor?

The only way this proposed ban was quantified was "over twenty-six calories" which puts it in the neighborhood of plain water being the only acceptable beverage. Some diet drinks have more calories than that. Twenty-six calories can be translated into the sugar in my morning coffee. And no one will screw with the sugar in my Coffee - EVER! Come to think of it, Beer has quite a few calories from sugar. If Bloomberg starts fucking around with a man's Beer he'll soon find out he's bitten off way more than he can chew. And I can promise you this: the "ban" will morph into a soda tax faster than a New York minute - you can take that to the bank

Just what the fuck is wrong with Bloomberg, or for that matter, any other politician who once in power decides to arbitrate what is good and bad for the average human? That's not why you were put in office asshole! What NY needs to do is BAN Bloomberg via the next election. It's hard to believe this is the same city that had the honorable Rudy Giuliani as Mayor ten years ago. How in the fuck did New York go from Rudy to Mikey?

Fifteen years ago when I uploaded my first webpages I featured a series of rants about the ETS smoking data and the government grab theft of tobacco taxes based on and justified by that data. I have no problem with a reasonable tax on consumer products. My complaint then (and now) they were then using these taxes to legislate morality, behavior, bring about social engineering, etc. And my website claims of 1998 are coming to fruition. I predicted the taxes would not stop with tobacco. I predicted they would continue with taxes on dangerous behavior, risky sports, lifestyle choices, and an endless list of other excuses to raise revenues.

Back in 1998 some of the responders who replied to my website rants via my email and message boards often claimed that the since the taxes were on smokers it "wasn't their problem". Well NOW it is your problem America. Once again I'm back on my soapbox and screaming louder than ever. Living here in the People's Republik Of Kalifornia I've been experiencing shit such as this for years. We're facing a sixteen-billion dollar deficit on the Left Coast and I can't wait to see what the assholes in Sacramento come up with next when it comes to new taxes. Fuck you Bloomberg and fuck you Jerry Brown!

This crap isn't just happening in Kalifornia and New York. This is happening everywhere and taxpayers and consumers are getting sick and tired of it. We are fast approaching a tipping point in the USA as to how much more the people will endure from their so-called leaders. When the shit does hits the political fan it will be ugly. Bet on it.

I feel a "Douchebag Award" coming on. I wonder who'll be the recipient.

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