Friday, June 15, 2012

Fuck Barrett Jackson & The Cars They Rode In On!

As I'm typing this the Steve Miller Band is performing on Austin City Limits. The memories of the seventies are flooding back and things are perfect.

For those who don't know, Barrett Jackson is a company specializing in auctioning off Classic and Collector cars. I was sitting on my ass and having a pretty good Friday night until a commercial came on and mentioned these assholes. I immediately had a rise in my blood pressure and heart rate and had an urge to shoot my fucking television. Barrett Jackson has damn near by themselves caused the market price for these great old cars to skyrocket into outer space.

At one time a young man (me in 1976) could find a basket-case classic GM muscle car for less than five-hundred dollars. Hell, I bought my first Camaro for $100.00. The car was trashed. It needed an engine, the paint was shot, the tires bald, the windshield pitted and cracked, it had a Powerglide transmission that was slipping like hell and had a host of other problems. But even then, $100 dollars was a bargain for a 67 RS Camaro with a 327ci engine and equipped with A.C. and I knew it. I spent around three years and restored the car to near-new condition.

Thanks to the fuckers at Barrett Jackson I can't even buy a door panel for one of these great cars for less than $100 anymore. And why am I blaming Barrett Jackson? Because they are nothing but a bunch of fucking speculators when it comes to classic cars. Their methods encourage people to buy and flip sixties and seventies Muscle Cars like real estate. My guess is the fuckers "investing" in these classic GM cars wouldn't know a piston from a push rod. They don't give a shit about the cars. All they're looking to do is make a buck. And in the process they've priced even the most trashed and thrashed autos beyond the price range of any youngster looking to find a great project car to restore.

I would love to buy and restore another old GM sixties/seventies car. Blown engines and transmissions are no problem. I've spent close to forty-years doing nothing but heavy-line work. What that means is I basically spent all that time pulling and re-building engines, transmissions and other drive train components. I'm not bullshitting when I say the numbers of engines I've built are well into the high hundreds. It's all I did. I loved the work and I enjoyed the satisfaction of bringing a dead motor back to life. Due to the Wankers at Barrett Jackson (and other speculators) I'll never be able to do it again. I have the knowledge. I have the tools. And I have the experience.What I don't have is the money. Thanks for nothing you dicks!


blu68caddy said...
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blu68caddy said...

I couldn't agree with you more sir‼️‼️‼️ Cars that were once attainable to guys like you and me for couple hundred bucks have been bought and sold by these assholes and placed well be on the means of the average Joe .it's people and shows like chasing classic cars and all the rest of those A holes that to ruin the hobby for people like you and me‼️‼️

Brian B said...

My sentiments EXACTLY!!! Glad I'm not the only one who hates those MF's.