Friday, June 15, 2012

This Is Why I'm No Longer A Liberal

Omama's Next Move
This and about a thousand other reasons is why I will NEVER vote democrap or progressive again. EVER!

Today the Omama administration announced they'll stop deporting illegal immigrants under certain conditions. What the fuck! Did you not take an oath when you were sworn in? And isn't it the job of congress to legislate on matters of immigration? Here's another blaring example of Omama, Manet Napolitano, and Eric Holder being the arbiters of which laws are to be enforced and which are not. Unless this policy is stopped by congress the ramifications to American workers will continue to ripple for years.

One of the criteria for enforcing this new policy is "They must also be free of convictions of felony or significant misdemeanor offenses". Excuse me you assholes - being in this country illegally IS a crime! I wonder how long it will be before these "immigrants" are given the vote? Before November is my first guess.

After reading this announcement I visited and posted on several message boards. The progressive dickheads were pissing all over themselves on hearing the news. Many tried to justify the act with the "Reagan did it too" bullshit. Excuse me but President Reagan used the LEGAL way of passing the Immigration Reform Act in 1986. He went through Congress and they passed a law. What part of that don't you fucking progressives understand. Once again Omama has done an end-around on congress and ruled by whim and fiat.

Many years ago I voted democrat. Once again the progressives have justified my complete political epiphany and reminded me of why I am now Conservative. My change began during the Clinton years. Omama just reminds of why. I am disgusted with the politicians in America. I wonder if any Republicans will have the balls to stand up to this action? I doubt it.

In November Omama will be given HIS deportation to the private sector. It can't come soon enough!


Hardnox said...

In addition to pissing all over our laws and congress he just pissed on EVERY person that ever became a US citizen legally.

I remain disgusted.

kerrcarto said...

This administration has made congress irrelevent and they have sat idly by and let it happen. John Boehner needs to GO as speaker of the house. His balls are in Obama's wallet.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

More pandering by a failing soon-to-be ex president. I am so fucking angry I could shit bricks. Omama may as well do away with congress and get it over with. And I can guarantee you the Republicans will do NOTHING.

As I type Neil Cavuto is talking to Arizona governor Jan Brewer and she's making some great points.

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