Friday, June 15, 2012

Only In The People's Republik Of Kalifornia...

would you read shit like this story...

The two turds in the mugshot below were arrested last week by the Manhattan Beach Police for credit card fraud. Now here comes the fun part - they're guys! And all things considered, they're not that bad looking. At least they're better looking than say.. Moochelle Omama or Orca Winfrey to name a few famous black women.

It's amazing these two assholes put so much work into the life of crime they were living. If they actually put forth the same effort into a "work ethic" and applied it to say ... getting a job... maybe they wouldn't have to run credit card scams. Instead they're career criminals.

The funny thing is they're both over six feet tall and weigh over two-hundred pounds. Wouldn't that be a red flag that they're men? Maybe not. Either way they sure as hell fooled the shit out of the store clerk they scammed. And the final laugher is this; it's not a disguise! These asshats actually like being posers and dressing up as gals. They should have a blast in prison once they're convicted. Prisons are full of men and things get "real up close and personal". Have fun ladies. Hmm... I wonder if they have large breastesess.
Mugshot of two Ho's

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