Friday, June 15, 2012

Win A Date With Omama!

The White House announced today their latest fundraising event/raffle scheduled to happen next week. The official term used by campaign boss David Axleroid was "Win A Date With Berry!"

The lucky winner will be wined and dined by the president next Saturday in San Francisco. They'll share a cozy candlelit table for two located in the Castro District. On the menu are Snails and Tube Steaks. Alternative locations considered were Long Beach, Kalifornia, Laguna Beach, Kalifornia, Fire Island, New York and West Hollywood.

Rumors of an overnight stay were hinted at by the president but he cautioned "Moochelle is already pissed about this date and if I don't show up for Sunday's Arugula the shit's gonna hit the fan". Moochelle shot back in response "If Berry comes home Sunday with a sore ass and a smile he's sleeping in the Oval Office"

Cost for the lucky lottery ticket were priced at $80,000.00 per chance. Tickets went on sale today in West Hollywood and were immediately snapped up by eager gamblers.

Image stolen here. Parody by greasywrench.

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