Saturday, July 21, 2012

America Speaks! More Graphics Fun!

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I thought I'd have some more political fun with a screen capture program and video-to-gif app I downloaded today. Sometimes I just get bored...

This animated gif above is actually a composite (sound familiar) of "the pissin guy" animated gif that's been floating around the web for many years and a jpg of Omama I found using a Google search. To create this graphic I first inserted a table (1 row, 1 column) using MS Front Page 2003 on my website and did a background fill using the color black. Then by pasting both images into the table with no space between them I got what you can see on my site. The table is still on my index page and although it looks like an animated gif it is an actual HTML table.

The graphic you're looking at above I created later. I used a screen capture program, Microsoft Expression 3 Screen Capture and Encoder. After saving the file I encoded it to a WMV format. After that I converted it with this program to the animated gif you see here. Quite a bit of work just for for a couple of seconds of graphic. Oh well - it's the thought that counts. Please feel free to steal the image.

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