Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where Did Syria Get Their WMD's?

Remember all the far left douchebags (redundancy check) parroting the chant "Bush lied - people died" when we became involved in Iraq? Well now it looks like they just may be full of shit. Then again we already know that.

Breitbart ran an article last week and American Thinker ran one today with both asking the question: where did the Syrians get their chemical weapons? Iraq maybe? Either way I eagerly await the liberal media to apologize to President Bush should this be prove true. But until it does happen I won't hold my breath.

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Hardnox said...

The douchebags simply cannot see what they choose not to. The CIA was watching dozens of convoys to Syria coming from Iraq via satellite for months while the UN was playing with their pud looking for WMD in Iraq before the war started.

What did they think was on those trucks? Once the war started there were dozens of empty buildings with WMD residue.

What about the Jordanian scrap metal workers that died of radiation exposure?

The inability of libs to make connections based on observation is beyond comprehension. Naturally they will never accept blame for their willful ignorance when thousands die.

Their standard answer to everything: "unforeseen/unintended consequences"

Stupid assholes!