Saturday, July 7, 2012

Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

Morgan Freeman said something yesterday that got me thinking...

In the last four years I have seen and read almost nothing but praise and undying support for Berry Omama from an overwhelming majority of black folks in America. I must be stupid because I just don't understand their blind faith in a president who is no more representative of American blacks than I am of the Norwegians. First black president? No. But - Omama can arguably be said to be our first socialist president.

As the Presidential election heats up the lame stream media have trotted out an assortment of so-called "black leaders" who are more than willing to rationalize and justify Omama's lies in the name of seeing him re-elected. The devotion to Omama borders on pathological. And yet these same media sycophants (with the exception of FOX) seem to largely ignore people like Allen West, Larry Elder, Alonzo Rachel and Thomas Sowell who do represent traditional American values and hard work.

Consider this: Omama just made one of his "executive decisions" two weeks ago granting de-facto immunity from deportation to nearly one-million illegals in this country. Since most of these "immigrants" consist of unskilled labor they will almost certainly be in line for entry-level jobs. These are the very jobs poor blacks USED to hold. It seems to be Omama is more concerned with people that have no legal or moral right to be in this country than he holds for American citizens. I haven't seen or read to much outrage or reaction on this little tidbit from the black community. Or maybe I just missed it.

Another curious position of black support for Omama is his stand on gay marriage. That seems to run counter to almost every church in the black community. That's not my view - it's the mainstream view of almost all AME and Baptist churches. But it seems blacks are willing to ignore this position also.

And via their entitlement policies, Omama and the democrats seem to be more interested in handing out welfare checks instead of paychecks to black folks. Or is it just me noticing the giveaways? When one considers what blacks have actually achieved in America by being in the pocket of the democrat party you have to wonder just what the fuck is going on. 

As far as Omama's claim to "blackness" - if you want to go by life-experiences and culture I'm blacker than Omama. I grew up (for the most part) in a single parent home. I was raised on welfare, attended mostly black schools (Lincoln Elementary and Franklin Jr High) in Long Beach Kalifornia until the age of twelve. And during my lifetime I've probably had more black friends than Omama will EVER have. I can also guarantee you I have more knowledge in my big toe about Motown, NBA Basketball, Soul food (which by the way is Southern food) and sports in general than Omama has in his entire body. "First Black President" my ass!

And yet most American blacks love this fucking liar who's posing as Commander In Chief, splitting America in two and shitting on the Constitution on a daily basis. I just don't get it. Or... could this blind faith and devotion be all about race? If you consider that NO political demographic votes at a ninety-five percent ratio (except for American blacks in 2008) is this a race thing? I thought only whites were racist. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. I need to know.

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Aggie95 said...

* SHRUG * the hell out of me ...if you look at the state of affairs concerning AA in this country since they have become democrat lapdogs ya have to wonder if they are all in some sort of drug induced stupor