Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Omama's "Slave" Roots? Bwaaa haa haa haaa!

From American Thinker comes this hilarious and revealing article. Now the butt-lick in chief is trying to beef up his "street cred" by claiming "slave roots". And the irony is; he's claiming them through his lily-white Mother's side of the family.

It stands to reason Omama can't claim any slave ancestors from Kenya since it's on Afirica's East coast. How fucking much more desperate and deceptive can these assholes from the Omama campaign get? And as Catharine Evans, author of the article states, what the fuck happened to the post-racial American and great unifier we heard about in 2008? Looks like Omama is throwing himself under the bus. Unifier my ass!

If I didn't know any better I'd swear the Elizabeth Warren people cooked this shit up. And what percentage of slave was Omama's mother? 1/128th or something? I swear I couldn't make this shit up if I were frying on mushrooms or LSD. Other than appealing to the race factor what the fuck else is the reason for digging this useless shit up? Even if it's true, what's the point?

And David Axleroid is the perp responsible for this fairy tale. More "Chicago Way" ethics I guess. Omama, Axleroid, and all of Omama's campaign people are appealing to the lowest common denominator and most racially divisive factor in American politics - the racism of black voters to gin up support. As I (along with a couple million other conservatives) predicted three years ago the Omama people would fall back on the last, and I mean the very last card in their democrapic bag of tricks - the race card when their president was exposed as the fraud he is. Since the liar-in-chief can't run on his record it's all they have left. Slave roots my ass!

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