Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rumors.. And I'm Not Talking About Fleetwood Mac

"Harry Reid was seen going into the Nevada Bunny Ranch dressed as Kermit The Frog"

"Rahm Emanuel was spotted in a San Francisco bath-house with a heavily muscled Hispanic man name Pedro"

"Nancy Pelosi recently visited a Sex Shop in the Castro District and purchased a twelve-inch vibrator labeled the Anal Intruder"

"Bawney Fwank often buys gallon sized jugs of Crisco Vegetable oil and gives them as gifts to his friends in the city of Long Beach, Ca."

If the democraps sink any lower they're gonna need ladders to see the curbside. I find it amazing that Harry Reid can pass forward shitty rumors such as this and yet his democrat friends in congress can't seem to find out the truth about Eric Holder's role in the Fast and Furious cluster-fuck. Or where all the Stimulus money actually went. Or whether or not Omama is actually from Kenya or just lying to the American people again. Or what Omama's college transcripts really show. Or what...

This kind of tabloid shit belongs in a supermarket checkout line and not in the U.S. Senate. Harry Reid needs to either shit or get off the pot and produce some proof or shut the fuck up! I'm so sick of the sleaze and innuendo puking its way out of congress I could scream. And it isn't just Harry Reid who's playing this game. World-class Douchebag Nancy Pelousy has done the same fucking thing in the past. Remember her drivel about having "something" on Newt Gingrich during the debates last Winter. If it weren't for dirty politics the democraps wouldn't have any politics.

Stay tuned folks - it's only gonna get nastier and I'm only gonna get more pissed. No wonder people despise politicians... ALL OF EM!

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