Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Beat Way To Defeat Omama Is To..

let him keep talking and impeach him with his own words

Omama will hang himself with his own bullshit! I've already said this a dozen or so times but it does bare repeating. As for the fifty-two percent of Americans who voted for the empty suit in chief the first time around - they'll most likely vote for his ass again. Only fools are easily fooled. The crucial factor to beating president Soetero is a very high Republican turnout and convincing undecided voters to wise up.

As we've seen for three and a half years, when the TOTUS speaks off the cuff he is LOST and often makes a fool out of himself. When he puked out the "you didn't build that" remark ten days ago we saw a great example. My guess is Omama is shitting in his pants at the thought of an upcoming series of debates. Here in the RNC video below is proof.

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