Monday, July 23, 2012

Well That Didn't Take Too Long

Kalifornia's Train To Nowhere - the gift that keeps on giving... From American Thinker today.

Now that it's a done deal the nasty little strings attached to the Kalifornia "Train To Nowhere" are just beginning to surface. Looks like the donkey-dicks up in San Francisco are gonna have to pony up another $650 Million dollars (just to get the party started) to connect the high speed rail tunnel to San Francisco proper. Additional taxes are planned if the project is to be completed by.... 2028!  The initial estimate for the tunnel to be completed is $2.2 Billion. And those are preliminary. Remember, the initial estimates for the entire "Train To Nowhere" project have more than tripled in the four years since it was first approved/proposed. Estimate my ass!

And the ultimate joke on the liberals up North - the taxes will begin ASAP once and if they are approved. Fourteen years of taxes for something they won't even be able to use. Bwaa haa haa! Let's see if the assholes in the City By The Bay walk the walk when it comes to spending their own money on something so frivolous. They sure as hell don't give a shit when the shoe is on the other foot and others are paying the bill.

Personally, they can fucking walk for all I care. After all, we don't need all those nasty fossil fuels fouling the air.. do we?

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CharlieDelta said...

The only way to save the brown-turd state of Commiefornia is to burn it all down and start over. It's beyond "repair" of any kind.

Revolution now!