Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kalifornia, Media Bias, Blah Blah Blah..

Let's face it folks, most of America thinks we're all fruits and nuts out here on the Left Coast. It's a reputation we've earned and deserve for the most part. We're the State that gave American politics Marxine Waters, Henry "Nostrils" Waxman, Babs Boxer, and Nazi Pelousy. But bare in mind, we're also the State that produced Bob Dornan, Darrell Issa, and last but not least the honorable Ronald Wilson Reagan so we're not total idiots.

Kalifornia hasn't voted for a Republican President since George H W Bush in 1988. And the idiots here will probably support the current liar-in-chief Omama in November. But come November I will be voting for Mitt Romney. And that's the crux. I KNOW my vote will most likely be for nothing. And that is frustrating when you consider that this will be an extremely close race. And from what I have been reading on the various political sites I visit we may see a repeat of what happened in the 2000 election. Mitt Romney stands a very good chance of winning the popular vote and losing the electorial count. But I want my vote on record, even if it counts for nothing.

But there's always a chance Kalifornians will wise up and realize the man currently in the White House is a proven liar, plagiarist, self-admitted felon, and all-around fraud. It doesn't say much about the integrity and values of the people who still intend to vote for Omama does it? And yet they will vote for him again knowing the facts.

When the truth came out about Nixon and Watergate forty years ago we couldn't wait to send him packing. So why is it Omama gets a pass? Once again the terms racism and white guilt rear their ugly head. Either that or the dems in America just don't give a shit anymore. They sure as hell aren't the same party that elected JFK in 1960.

I blame a huge part of the subverting of our election process on the lame stream media in America. By cheering and water-carrying for Omama they are doing a monstrous disservice to the American people. At a time when we need total objectivity and honesty from the press we get absurd articles such as Newsweek's "Wimp" cover. And along with the American people they will live to regret their choices.

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