Thursday, August 9, 2012

Meet The New Boss... Same As The Old Boss..

Looks like Manet Napolitano doesn't like men. Hmmm... I wonder why. 

Manet is being sued by one of the top security Cops of the DHS for sexual harassment. The story comes from Debbie Schlussel.

I've always wondered why lately, democrat presidents seem to be obsessed with having lesbian lawyers as legal cabinet appointees. Maybe it's some kind of kinky liberal wish fulfillment and a subconscious need to be disciplined? Think Manet Reno, Hillary Clinton, and Manet Napolitano. Well the more things (and sexual orientations) change, the more they stay the same.

It seems the carpet munchers running the DHS are sexually harassing the guys and favoring their girlfriends according to the lawsuit. "The lawsuit alleges that Barr demanded a male ICE Special Agent engage in oral sex with her and that she relocated three top male ICE agents’ offices to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters." All I see here is the corrupting influence power has on ANYONE who achieves it. 

And of course I've seen this story nowhere else on the traditional media. I had to read it (again) on a conservative website. More of the "nothing to see here, let's move along" bullshit we've all become accustomed to from the democrat media.

I detest Manet Napolitano and Manet Reno. Not because of their sexual orientation (what guy would want either one of them anyway) but because of the need they've demonstrated to prove their butch toughness (IE manliness) in the course of their duties. Reno especially, because of Waco and the Elian Gonzalez incident. And Napolitano because of her report and recommendations on domestic terrorism.  

Both of these hags, in their zeal to demonstrate their grit have stepped on innocent people and trashed rights. And it's no coincidence they're both democrapic appointees.

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