Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Omama Can't Spell Ohio - How Pathetic Is That!

Not only is the Kenyan bastard a liar, felon, bully, and quite possibly not even eligible to be president. Now we find out Omama is too stupid to spell a four letter word. Fucking amazing! And what really blows goats is the Washington Post Pest tried to cover for his ass by claiming the photo with Omama fucking over the spelling of a simple word such as Ohio was photoshopped.... which it was NOT! This story comes from NewsBusters.

I must have heard about the Dan Quayle misspelling of the word Potato for twenty years after it happened. Hell, the press can't even mention his name to this day without bringing it up. I wonder how many of the democrapic networks will bring this little incident up tonight. I will look for this on The Five tomorrow. Just don't expect to see or hear anything about this on PMS-NBC.

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