Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Omama's October "Surprise"

Yesterday American Thinker ran an article entitled "Will Obama Keep Power By Any Means Necessary". My guess is most all Conservatives know what that term really means. Will Omama go to extraordinary and perhaps even illegal measures to keep his grip on power? Will he pull an "October Surprise" out of his bag of tricks in what may be an Unconstitutional grab for a second term? If you consider that Omama has already lied, bullied, and ruled by fiat in his first term anything he does is possible.

Maybe I'm being paranoid but the president and the dems have already demonstrated they're more than willing to circumvent Congress via executive orders. Nancy Pelousy and Leon Panetta are even on record saying exactly that here and here. Omama has said himself on one occasion he will do himself what congress won't. This doesn't sound like a man who is overly concerned with the laws and Constitution of America. Based on what this man has already done I put nothing past him or his ambition for power.

I'm posting another poll on my sidebar on what Omama may just do to rationalize, justify, or just plain gin up support for a second term. And in keeping with democratic party traditions I've even configured the poll so you may VOTE MORE THAN ONCE!.

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