Saturday, September 15, 2012

Damn - That Hurt!

I just finished watching Canelo Alvarez destroy Josecito Lopez with a body attack that hurt me from my couch. It took five rounds but for all purposes it was obvious the fight was over from round two. My guess is Lopez will be pissing blood for a couple of weeks. Jose's a tough guy but tonight he got in way over his head. It takes a very special fighter to move up two weight classes and maintain his power. Josecito wasn't that fighter tonight.

Now, if Floyd Mayweather will just step up and sign on the dotted line to fight Canelo we might see a unified belt in one of the hundred or so fake divisions in boxing today. Since it looks like the fight with Manny Pacquiao will never happen this might just be the next best thing.

As far as Canelo Alvarez, ten years ago Manny Pacquiao was where Canelo is now. Canelo is the real deal and he's a pleasure to watch. He's old school with no farting around in the ring. I'd love to see him knock Mayweather's block off. I don't like Floyd and never will. Maybe I'll get my wish before I start collecting my Social Security.... I hope.

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