Monday, September 17, 2012

White House Gets Hussein Omama Makeover

Today in a quiet ceremony the official White House portrait was released to the public. It featured the recently remodeled presidential home complete with a new flag flying proudly. White House spokesman Jay Carney continued to deny the remodel was another attempt to "booty smooch" and appease Muslims although he did confess that all future press conferences would be held in large white tents on the South Lawn. It was also confirmed that Camels would be allowed to graze freely on the White House lawn.

But Carney denied the Camel droppings (known in the Arab world as desert cupcakes) would be served to visiting Muslim dignitaries as after-dinner treats. When White House reporters pressed the issue, Carney thundered back at the reporters "Be silent, I keel you!"

The ceremony then officially ended with no further questions.

Official Berry Hussein Omama White House Portrait

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