Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dems Release Code Book Of Latest Banned Words

It's an old tactic of the far-left to try and politicize or ban certain words. It's a sleazy way of controlling any debate. Some on the left are so stupid they will criticize certain words if they even sound racist or rhyme with words they don't like. Remember the word "niggardly"? There was also a campaign early this year to ban the word "illegal".

There's a reason why I am so vulgar and profane on this blog. It's my way of expressing outrage, contempt, or just plain anger at certain things. Words are tools and I intend to use each and every tool at my disposal when I post a comment. No one, short of being banned by Blogspot is going to muzzle me, especially a democrap.

So I ask this question. What's worse than book-burning Nazis? I'll answer it myself. Someone who would actually ban the thought or usage of certain words. And that is the democrats Nazis. This all began with the Hate Speech laws. The real question is; where will it end?

Democrat Banned Word List

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