Monday, September 3, 2012

She's Like A Sexually Transmitted Disease...

Just when you think she's gone... she comes back.

I'm talking about Roseanne Barr Arnold or whatever her name is these days. Another one of Hollywood's renowned halfwits tweets twits twats pontificates and once again exposes her ignorance to the world. Hell, why not break out the big guns Rosie and call someone a Nazi or something. Ooops, she's already done that a couple of dozen times. Read her drivel here.

As Chris Matthews and PMS-NBC are obsessed with racism, Rosie is consumed with pedophilia and stories of incest. This isn't the first time she's accused others of something like this. Even in jest it's a sorry-assed thing to EVER say about someone without proof. It must really be a drag for this hag to have become so irrelevant she has to puke up shit like this. Once a drama queen, always a drama queen.

Update: September 05, 2012. The pedophile tweet is now gone. Hmm... I wonder who took it down?

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