Friday, September 28, 2012

FOX News Screwed The Pooch... Or Did They?

About five minutes ago I was watching a car chase on FOX. It was happening in Arizona. What it initially appeared to be was a carjacking. Well it came to a close somewhere out in the desert when the perp pulled over and ran away from the car. It was obvious he was toting a handgun and even more obvious what he was about to do. He ducked behind a bush, put the gun to what looked like his stomach and shot himself. As he was doing this Shephard Smith was shouting stop stop stop to his crew in the studio. Well they didn't cut to commercial soon enough and we saw it all. All I can say is I hope this guy hit something vital. Arizona has enough problems with the federal government without wasting money on another wasteful trial. More to come....

Update: The link to the video is up at mediaite. Thanks Adrienne.


Adrienne said...

The video is up at Mediate. I didn't see a gun when he was running. It looks like he pulled it out of his waistband. He shot himself in the head (right side) saving us the cost of a trial. Okay - that's cold. I'm sorry.

On second viewing you can see what appears to be (if you know what you're looking for) a small caliber hand gun in his right hand.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

It was hard to tell from the angle. It looked to me like he bent over before shooting himself. I'll shed no tears for whoever it was. It could have ended so much worse for his victim. I'll have to watch it again at mediate. Thanks Adrienne.