Friday, September 28, 2012

Simple Solution To Our Problems In America

I think it was done this way in the beginning of our Republic. If you don't show any real income or pay any Taxes on your April return each year you don't get to vote. Radical? Maybe. Fair? Definitely. After all, the taxpayers are the ones paying the band. The federal government is nothing but a collection agency and a Ponzi scheme... period! If we implemented this, things would change for the better so fast in America it would take your breath away.

I stole, plagiarized, was inspired by borrowed the idea from a poster on Angry White Dude and CharlieDelta of Gottagetdrunk. Of course this would get rid of about ninety-percent of the democrat voters but hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs... or balls.

It's been said before by better men than me but if people (democrats) who have no skin in the game keep voting themselves more freebies and goodies it's all gonna collapse and collapse very soon. Either that or we're gonna fight a second American Revolution. And this time the body count is gonna be enormous.

Something has to be done and done soon or my children won't live long enough to see their fifties, much less retirement or Social Security. It's all gonna come crashing down and re-electing the POS Omama is gonna hasten it. Maybe it's better that way.

And to the liberals who would say I'm as full of shit as a Thanksgiving Turkey look to Europe. We're getting a preview of things to come and we had BETTER wise up. Longer lasting civilizations than the USA have fallen because of crap like this so wake up!

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