Monday, September 10, 2012

From Charlie Daniels...

"I know that I view the world through a whole different prism than somebody who is half my age or younger. Things that didn't cross my mind a few decades ago seem terribly important to me now. Living through a world war, the Iron Curtain, the threat of nuclear annihilation, recessions, booms, Jim Crow days, civil rights struggle and the explosive growth of modern technology gives me a different slant on things than someone born in the last half century." Read more here

From CNS News comes the latest opine from the one and only Charlie Daniels. I've been a fan of Charlie's since the "Ballad Of Uneasy Rider" came out nearly forty years ago. I can still imagine ol' "green teeth" getting kicked in the face. But Charlie is more than a writer of songs and a string man. He's a true American patriot and he don't hold back. He loves this country and he's not afraid to express it either in song or written words. He's far more eloquent than I'll ever be.

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