Monday, September 10, 2012

Aunt Esther On Abotion "Rights"

Anyone under forty probably won't know who the hell Aunt Esther is/was. But I'll post this anyway. Those that are curious can Google it. This stupid cow my friends, is the face of the democrat party and it's what we're up against in November.

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CharlieDelta said...

Just another loud-mouthed trashy bitch on a mission to be as obnoxiously loud and repetitive as she possibly can. Repeat the lie often enough and eventually it becomes the truth in the eyes of the ignorant and libtarded useful idiots.

One critical point that Aunt Asshole seems to conveniently forget about, (more like just gloss over) is who will be paying for it. Someone needs to slap that bitch silly and correct her on one major factor she's leaving out of the equation.

It's between a woman, God, and Joe Taxpayer you loud-mouthed, washed up, has-been! If you're gonna run your mouth as loud as you can to try and drown everyone else out of the debate like you libtards like to do, at least get your rhetoric right for once dumb ass!

Not like I needed another reason to hate that show, but Aunt Asshole just gave me another one...