Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reason Number Ten Million To Hate Pravda

After today I won't be using the words "main stream media" or "lame stream media" in my posts anymore when referring to the press. From now on they're officially known as Pravda! Besides being the creators of huge lies on a daily basis and NOT reporting the news as it actually happens, the assholes in Pravda are actually attacking the truth itself!

By trying to create a firestorm and controversy over Mitt Romney's statement of the "entitlement vote" and the fact that Omama WILL get that vote, the fifth-column bastards are now actively trying to subvert the election. It doesn't take a CPA, Einstein, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan or any other numbers cruncher to read a pie-chart or a voting demographic to understand a huge part of Omama supporters ARE the stupid, welfare, zombie, dead, illegal vote. Just what the fuck part of the truth is it that frightens the propagandists of Pravda?

And with every headline that reads "Romney Just Lost The Election" (again) they show their true (yellow) colors. If I were to believe each and everything that's printed and posted by Pravda and the pollsters, Mitt Romney should just forget about running for President and go home and watch fucking football. A free press is one thing, this shit is Yellow Journalism plain and simple. Thank God for I.T. and the fact that there are some sites on the web that care about truth and integrity.

The real irony here is; the folks in Pravda are digging their own graves. They're too fucking stupid to see how the presidential assault on free speech will turn on a dime and bite them in their asses in a heartbeat. Witness the arrest and detention of the nitwit who made the video that supposedly sent Jislam into a frenzy last week. I wonder how cocky they'll be when someone wearing a brown shirt from the Omama administration knocks on their door some night for "questioning".

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