Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rep Joe Walsh To Sandra Fluke "Get A Job"

If the dems are so damn stupid they think Americans can't see through their identity politics and phony "healthcare" advocate Sandra Fluke they're even dumber (is that possible) than I imagined.

I found this on Mediaite tonight. It's about fucking time someone stepped up and offered up a little "free" education to Sandra Fluke. She's thirty-one years old and just finished ten years of college. And the cost of "schooling" at Georgetown University averages out to be around $160,000 per year so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess this bimbo isn't hurting for money. But she wants the taxpayers of America to subsidize the cost of her hot dates and backseat adventures. Piss on you Sandra! If you wanna dance you can pay the band yourself. Oh, did I mention she's a democrap?

Thanks Joe Walsh. Oh yeah, you play a mean guitar pal and you're looking a lot better these days. In fact, you look like a whole new man.

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