Friday, October 5, 2012

Allen West Vs Pravda Ass-Kisser On Labor Stats

In a juicy little exchange between Allen West and CNBC's Tylor Mathison we see (for the millionth time) another member of the fifth-column AKA Pravda defending the Omama Labor Department's new statistics on the unemployment rate in America. Skip the first 2:55 of the video to get to the exchange if you wish.

And in the first question asked of Col West we get the entire reason why NO ONE should believe what's in this obviously bogus report.Col West was asked "why do you believe what Jack Welch said instead of what Secratary Hilda Solis said"? Here's why...

Hilda Solis is a life-long democrat who's been in government jobs and sucking at the tit of Mother America since graduating from college with a degree in Public Administration. IOW she's a pencil pushing suit. Hilda Solis has been shining a seat with her ass since entering into "government service". If it weren't for American taxpayers and racist Affirmative Action policies she'd most likely be selling taco shells or firecrackers on the other side of the border. She's an appointed bureaucrat who depends on Omama for her job. She's never held a REAL job in her life. She is a democrat personified!

Jack Welch is a businessman, engineer and author with over fifty years of experience in creating jobs, wealth, and real value to our country. He walks the walk along with talking the talk. The choice of who to believe is a gimme. 

As far as Col Allen West, most of my readers already know his qualifications. And if anyone in America has earned the right to question a jobs report that only a ten-year old kid would buy into it's Allen West. Col West has actually contributed something to his country, including saving a few live in the process. Who would you believe?

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