Friday, October 5, 2012

This Is Why Detroit Is Doomed

With trashy cockroaches like the ones in the following video, crooks and scam artists running the City Council, a police department that is either unable or unwilling to help its citizens, and a UAW that doesn't give a shit about anything but its own coffers Detroit is finished. Forget about the Auto Makers. We've already seen how well they're doing. With the exception of Ford, they would have already have filed for bankruptcy. And by handing a blank check to the UAW and shafting legitimate stockholders and non-union pensioners the dems and Omama are to blame as much as these little fuckers in the video below.

If the attitude and shit these thug bastards display below doesn't piss you off - nothing will. And if these POS scumbag kids are the future of Detroit it's no wonder the city would be better off burnt to the ground.

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