Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chris Matthews Isn't Crazy...

As I've said before - he's just a plain and simple asshole. Crazy people can't help themselves and by all definitions don't know the difference between right and wrong. Chris knows - he just doesn't give a fuck.

Jammie Wearing Fool posted a screed today on Chris and of course, I had to get in my two cents via the comments section. For someone who enjoys the special privileges given to the press under the First Amendment and American law Chris gives an entirely new definition to the term "useful idiot".

I don't know what Chris learned in the schools he attended as a young man but since he's in his sixties I would assume they taught civics and history in his day. That suggests he's just plain ignoring the Constitution and the First Amendment freedoms of free speech in order to get his buddy Omama re-elected. The puke and drivel being spouted by Matthews isn't op/ed or reporting. It's an open advocacy for shutting down Omama's opposition via censorship. And the fact this stupid asshole is trying to claim some sort of Unconstitutionality about anyone opposing the Omama regime is absurd.

By making ridiculous claims like this Chris not only surrenders the rights and or privileges to be a journalist - he's throwing away HIS own First Amendment rights. Censorship is a sword with two sides and it swings both ways. He's liable to get hit in his dumb-ass one of these days. Chris Matthews never fails to amaze me with his liberal stupidity.

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