Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ol' Fat-Ass Resurfaces

And no, it's not in another burger eating contest either. In case anyone wonders where Michael Moore has been the last year of so he's been laying low (as if that's possible) and working on his knife and fork skills. Today The Blaze gave us a preview of what Michael has been up to (about 500 pounds is my guess) and his latest political screed.

This ad is just another in a long line of vulgar and self-destructive political trash puked up by the left in order to keep their boy Berry Hussein Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama in power. It also gives us yet another example of how progressives actually think. It's vulgar, offensive, profane, and ridiculous. I don't see anything clever in old men and women who use the language being used in the video below. If I want trash and profanity I'll post it myself. That's why I have a blog.

And until Omama's re-election bid I never thought I'd see a national campaign using crap like "the first time" shit from tattoo hoochie gal I saw the other day. It's the smell of desperation and contempt from a president who knows he's going to be out of a job in a week. Now I know this isn't an official campaign ad but it's indicative of how progressive douchebags such as Michael Moore think. And it's not even close to being funny or clever.

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