Monday, October 29, 2012

Old Douchebag Booed In New Orleans

The old douchebag in my title post is Madonna. And it happened not because of her lame ass lip-syncing. It happened because she tried (for the upmpeenth fucking time) to shove her own personal politics down the audience's throat in New Orleans.

When you consider the price of concert tickets these days I'd boo her ass too. If I plunk down a couple hundred bucks to see a concert I DON'T wanna hear about the singer or the band's politics. I want to hear some live music (which Madonna is NOT famous for). Madonna has a habit of lip-syncing her routines so technically, you can't either call her show music (she sucks) or live. Linda Ronstadt found out the same damn thing eight years ago in Las Vegas. So have the Dixie Chicks. Where the hell are they now and why aren't they ashamed of Omama?

Case in point: A week or so after my birthday (November 6) in 1986 a buddy and I saw Neil Young plugged in with Crazy Horse at the Universal Amphitheater. Now I despise Neils politics. He's another flaming liberal from Canada and he's never hidden the fact. But, Neil and Crazy Horse walked out on stage and hit the first note and it was ON! No politics, no bullshit, no nothing but music. That is the way it should be.

I don't give a shit what your politics are when it comes to music. You can worship or hate whoever you like. That's the great thing about America. I may think you're a dick-head or a fool but when I'm paying for the tickets you're on MY DIME and I don't want to hear it.

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