Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Omama Staffer Assists In Multiple Voting... Again

Does anyone remember the late great Andrew Breitbarts's sting of the corrupt bastards of Acorn with the undercover hoochie-mamma prostitute? That's the first thing that came to mind as I watched this video. Here we have an Omama staffer discussing voting in Texas AND Florida with an undercover voter applicant. And the crooked Omama worker (redundancy check) is fucking laughing and joking about it as she does it! Then the Omama fraud action moves to Minnesota - same circus - different clowns! Does anyone think Eric "Stedman" Holder will be right on this? Yeah sure, when I fly jets or star in Porn!

Of course this is why the democraps are so violently opposed to voter ID laws and other forms of preventing voter fraud - it might cost them the any election. I can't wait to see this sting operation reported by the traitorous fifth-column stooges of American Pravda. I'm sure Rachel Mannow, Tingles Matthews, Andrea Bitchell, and the other tools assholes of PMS-NBC will get on this like stink on shit.

And why do you think I'm claiming nothing will happen to this democrat staffer who's openly discussing/facilitating voting in two different states? Because this sting happened over one month ago and we've heard NOTHING about it except for the reporting on a Conservative website. Eric Holder and the entire democrat justice department needs to be impeached and fired in that order. Eric Holder and the democrats via their racist policies have made a mockery of the word justice!

And while I'm on the subject of voting I'm gonna get registration forms for my three cats. They wanna vote too. But at least they'll only vote once. After all - they're honest Conservative Republican cats. I found the story on The Conservative Daily News.


CharlieDelta said...

This is precisely why democrats are against voter ID laws. It is the only reason why they are against voter ID laws. The whole bullshit argument from the dimocRATS that the elderly and "poor" minorities will be disenfranchised is constantly used by the left, and is never squashed by the right. It really pisses me off!

I would love for just one fucking democRAT opposed to the common sense of having to produce ID to vote, magically be able to tell me how exactly these so-called 'poor minorities' prove who they are to anyone out there in the real world if they don't have ID. This bullshit argument that it's too hard for them to obtain gummit issued ID or that they can't afford the FREE cost in most states to obtain one is a joke! How to these moochers and leeches cash their "free" gummit check every month with no ID? You need ID to get a fucking library card in this country but not to vote??

What the fuck has happened to basic common sense? What has happened to stopping the straw man argument in it's tracks with factual rebuttal. This is totally insane to me, and I can understand how some people not wired right can just snap at a moments notice and go bat-shit crazy. Not saying that I condone it, but I can certainly see how it can happen so easily. It's from ridiculous time-wasting democrat bullshit exactly like this.

Fuck it! I'm done ranting. I'm going belly up to the bar for a while. I can't take this shit.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

When I post sometimes about something that really pisses me off I often say "I wanna shoot my tv" or something like that when I really get worked up. That's what this video got me thinking. The only thing that stops me is; my wife and I have to pay for the damn things. We can't get em for free like so many of the Omama people.

And of course what really gets me pissed is I found this on (as usual) a conservative website. Not a fucking thing on Pravda about this outrage. I gave up on the media ever being fair in America long ago. But they still piss me off on a regular basis with their corruption and ass-kissing. This ought to be a national scandal but nope, not a fucking peep from the donkey-dicks who are supposed to be reporting on shit like this.

Aggie95 said...

she was fired ....a few thousand more and its a start

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Yeah Aggie, you're right. I read somewhere today she got terminated (wishful thinking) for what she pulled.

But as I pointed out, the press posted jack-shit about it. As usual, I had to glean the conservative and libertarian sites to learn about the story.

And what really pisses me off is she's probably like cockroaches. You might see one but there are usually a thousand you can't. I wonder how many more democrap voting drive recruiters like her are still out there?