Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stacey Dash VS Spacey Trash

Trash                                                         Dash
Tough call but who would you pick? Romney supporter Stacey Dash or the "omama gun gimme a phone" slob. And whatever Moms Mabley has in her mouth I wish she'd swallow it before it becomes catching.

And the nasty things those open-minded liberals are tweeting to Stacey makes you think they're the ones who have declared a "war on women". But that couldn't be - could it?

The tweets run along the lines of "you be a white man's bitch. You sick girl. I be getting  on yo azz soon nuff" Shit such as that. Typical low-class Omama supporters in all their verbal glory.

Now, who would you rather play Circus with - Stacey or Spacey? For those not in the know, Circus is a fun game where a woman sits on your face and you attempt to guess her weight.

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