Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I Despise The Media And Why I Have A Blog!

Today I made a post on Yahoo. I post on Yahoo under the name "boatman". The full text of my Yahoo post this morning follows and then an explanation of why Yahoo is SHIT. Read my Yahoo post below and see if you don't agree that Yahoo is biased and does not like being criticized.

"I'm off topic here but I have a question for Yahoo. Why is there almost no coverage today on Yahoo's splash page on the emails from Libya? Why is there almost nothing about the fact that Omama and his state department abandoned our people after they BEGGED for help three times? Why is Yahoo posting article after article that surreptitiously bashes Mitt Romney and conservatives while sugar-coating everything about Omama?

If the editors of content at Yahoo want to be considered a legitimate internet directory then why are they publishing slanted articles and trash masquerading as news that belongs on a supermarket tabloid? This is exactly why so many no longer trust the media. And it's why I refer to Yahoo as Pravda these days. For you younger readers and posters Google "Pravda" and you will understand what I'm talking about. And a huge part of what Yahoo is trying to pass off as "news" belongs on the op/ed page. And Yahoo KNOWS it!

I expect to find slanted coverage and agenda-driven news on HuffPo, Daily Kos, and But not on what was once a very good web directory such as Yahoo.

Let's see if the sycophants of Yahoo publish this one."

Now, here is a screen capture below of what Yahoo actually published and how they published it. To view the image full size you have to click on it and when the image comes up right-click and then click view image. Then you can expand the image to full size. My post is under the name "boatman". Do you see what Yahoo did?

Click to enlarge
Scroll down to the name "boatman" in the picture above. That's my post and how and what Yahoo actually published on the comments section. Censorship anybody?

Now I realize Yahoo has the right to publish what they want and they do have guidelines - nothing vulgar, racist, hate-filled or whatever gets by their censors. Now, consider what I actually wrote by reading the text above and I DID stay within the Yahoo guidelines. This is exactly why I despise the media and left-wing agenda driven Pravda. And it's why I have a blog.

Here's a link to the actual Yahoo post if you feel like sifting through the thread.

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