Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He Be Looking For Someone's Ass To Kick!

Noise In Da Hood
Berry Omama "be channeling his inner thug" today. In his first press conference in eight months he responded to a question about whether he did or didn't do anything to protect our people in Libya by answering like a fucking thug. I don't know about you but I usually expect my presidents to act sort of ... of... presidential. This reminds me of the shit Berry driveled out two years ago concerning the BP oil spill in the Gulf. He made a statement about looking for "whose ass to kick" when they were trying to assign blame for the spill. I would bet every last dime I have this candy-ass (Omama) has never thrown a punch in his life... at least not at a man.

And by directing his answer and tough guy shit at John McCain he might have picked the wrong guy. Say what you want about John McCain and his RINO politics but he served honorably during Vietnam and lost years of his life in a Hanoi prison. And at nearly eighty-years of age my guess is McCain would drop Omama like a one-foot putt. What the fuck have you ever done Berry? You golf on some tough courses and that's about it.

And as far as answering the question, Omama ducked it by claiming his responsibility and answer was to be directed to the families of our slain diplomat and Seals. Excuse me Berry but you DO have an obligation to the American people when asked a question about our people in the shit-hole Libya. And from what I've been reading the families of those killed have heard enough crap out of you. They don't want any more of your fucking lies and neither does America. Answer the fucking question you bastard! It's part of your job!

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