Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time To Re-New The Race Card For 2013

Susan Rice just has to be a victim of race according to the four hags of the black caucus pictured above. It can't possibly have anything to do with her lies about Benghazi on several political shows on the Sunday following the murder of our people in Libya. And even if she was just parroting the official Omama State Department talking points we're left with the conclusion she's a stupid lackey and STILL has no credentials to represent the U.S. in world affairs as Secretary Of State.

I correctly predicted four years ago on this very blog that all legitimate criticism of Omama would cease once he became president due to his skin tone. The charges of racism started almost immediately after he was sworn in and haven't stopped since. Now we're faced with four more years of this bullshit. I've battled progressive nitwits on many forums and blogs by asking the question "just how in the world can one criticize Omama without being considered a racist" many times. Just what in the hell is the criteria? And of course, I've never get an intellectual answer. Most times I don't even get replies. When I've confronted liberals with facts they often do one of two things, they accuse you of some "ism" or "phobia" or just ignore you.

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes or Joe Friday to realize this is just another tactic in the sleazy bag of tricks the democrats fall back on when they can't face the truth and any attempt to expose their fuck-ups in world affairs. And with the butt-licks in Pravda such as Chris Matthews they have the media in their pocket. We conservatives are fighting a war on two fronts.

So in order to escape accountability and hide behind a racial suit of armor the Congressional Black Caucus is playing their hole card which is also the race card. They've been using and hiding behind it for years with the help of world class shit-stains such as the RevRearEnds Jesse Jerkson and Al Sharpton. Until the phony race baiter and liars from the sixties lay down and die this shit will never end and politicians of color will be more than willing to hide behind the lie. And we will NEVER be able to hold crooked and incompetent public "servants" accountable. Read the full article on Hot Air.


CharlieDelta said...

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Yeah, I said it and I'll continue to say it as long as these niggers want to be the ones using the color of their own skin color as an excuse for everything that doesn't go their way. Forget personal responsibility for ones actions. Forget content of character. MLK must be rolling in his grave.

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God forbid you have to one day take responsibility for something in your lives...

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

All you gotta do is look to the continent of Africa and see the results of what happened when whites get booted out of all the countries there.

Fuck em and all the bullshit they pull year after year. But the "white man did it" crap ain't playing no more. I see it here in L.A. day after day. People coming here from every country in Europe and Asia who take less than one generation to learn the value of hard work and education and exceed where blacks can't do jack-shit who have been here for generations.

No one with half a brain is buying into the professional victim con anymore except liberal politicians who promise black people everything but a job. Shit is coming to a head and in isn't gonna be pretty when the shit hits the fan.