Saturday, November 3, 2012

"If Mitt Romney Win" (sic)

"we'll be going back to the crop fields".

This story comes from The Blaze. Go check it out and read the comments too. They're very interesting.

I despise progressives and their never ending lies. Here's a nine-year old kid whose Father is filling his head with a total crock of shit about Romney sending blacks back to the fields to pick "crops". Of course the real inference here is "slavery". The truth be known - much, if not most of the farm work in America is done by illegals from south of the border these days. Not by "black slaves" as this kids father is trying to imply.

So here's a boy who's getting a start in life based on a huge fucking lie about Republicans AND hard work. And an argument can be made that his dad is actually instilling an aversion to hard labor as opposed to giving his kid some real work ethics. So by lying to his son he's not doing him any favors. He may as well tell the kid it's easier to sell drugs or steal for a living than do any "slave" labor.

Just a few examples: My Dad used to shovel chicken shit and other menial labor in a hatchery in Petaluma Ca. when I was a seven-year old boy. Once or twice a week he'd bring home a couple of hens and slaughter the damn things in the back yard. I learned that chicken doesn't come from a package in the supermarket, it comes from a real live animal. And it taught me something about reality and the fact "shitty" work isn't necessarily demeaning.

And my brother-in-law picked cotton in Alabama as a young man. It didn't hurt him and taught him the value of a good job and good wages when he finally got a job in the refineries here in Kalifornia.

As a young boy I collected pop bottles for the deposits and pushed a lawn mower around the streets of Long Beach Ca knocking on doors hoping to make a few bucks cutting grass - and I did.

These kinds of jobs are honorable decent work even if they are low wage. There was a time when things like this were valued instead of looked down upon in America. And all this kid's father is doing is teaching him the wrong things and based on a lie to boot.

I seriously doubt this kid or his dad will end up "going back to the fields" or picking cotton anywhere. But with a father who's teaching him to disrespect hard work he might end up in a life of crime or something else equally bad. All because of a progressive lie and an aversion to hard work instilled by a "loving" father. Thanks dad. Thanks for nothing.

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