Monday, November 5, 2012

Reason # 2 To Fire Omama's Skinny Ass

Five-Star Bitch

Actually there are a couple of thousand reasons to get rid of Omama, AKA the Vagina-In-Chief on Tuesday. But this post will focus in on the official number two reason - Valerie Jarrett. Somewhere along the way in the Omama regime this beady-eyed bitch and Chicago slumlord gained the power of a cabinet level position. I don't recall her name being on the ballot in 2008. Well it turns out she's really Omama's surrogate set of balls. Since he has none it makes sense. And on the eve of the election Valerie is already plotting her revenge. Maybe that's what Omama was talking about when he used the word the other day. Valerie's "revenge". Excuse me Valerie but aren't you counting your ovaries before they hatch?

Valerie often sits in on cabinet meetings and can be found in the situation room during times of crisis. She's quite possibly the one who gave the "stand down" order during the Benghazi attack. That's entirely plausible when you consider Omama has the resolve and determination of a jellyfish. It actually took him three times and chances to give the order to pull the trigger on Bin Laden - thanks to Valerie Jarret. She has a full security team while our people in Benghazi were allowed to die while the Omama trash watched in real time. If the congress of the USA had any decency they would have already started impeachment proceedings instead of just letting this sorry trash known as president slink off to write books in January. And beady-eyes should be part of the impeachment process.

Omama takes her skinny ass on family vacations and on other (what should be strictly) family affairs. It's even rumored she personally fills his sippy-cup and wipes his ass after his visits to the bathroom. Regardless of what she does, I can't wait to see her douchebag ass packing and leaving the White House in January. Yes, I said White House. She's more the president than Omama. He's a coward and waffler while she's actually pulling the strings. Omama's obsession/need when it comes to women and being babied is reason enough to get him out tomorrow. And good riddance to beady-eyes Jarrett.

You can relax now Jimmy Carter and get back to building those pre-fab houses and being a doddering old fool. You've been replaced as the worst president by a shitload of Chicago garbage. The trash goes out Tuesday and pick-up is on January 21.


kerrcarto said...

She is reportedly in secret talks with the Iranians.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Where's an "honor killing" when you need one. The bitch was born in Iran and nothing she does surprises me. Pray for the sickle-cell virus to do its job on her fucking beady-eyed ass!