Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Berry Hussein Goebbels Omama Photographed Photoshopped "Doing Manly Things"

In a recently released photo, president Omama was shown "doing skeet" at Camp David. Many real hand gun and rifle enthusiasts immediately scoffed and ridiculed the photo and claimed it was a digitally enhanced picture and a lame attempt to portray King Barrack as an avid sportsman. Several experts also claimed the photo was actually a past image of Omama golfing. They even cited the golf glove in Omama's right hip pocket as proof.

After hearing the claims the photo was a fake at this morning's White House press briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney quickly shot back with a denial and claimed "we all know that Berry is quite the athlete since we've all seen him throw a baseball and riding a (girl's) bicycle in past videos and official photos". Carney thundered back "Berry is a man's man!"

Well we all now have proof that Berry actually has a "sack" according to Press Secretary Carney. The White House just released a new series of pictures showing the president having a macho good time at Camp David doing things all guys do. One thing Carney didn't mention was the howls of laughter coming from the Secret Service Agents in the background when the "photo" was taken. Several of the agents reportedly had to change their shorts after the photo-op. Carney denied the underwear rumor and blamed it on a bad batch of White House eggs.

Judge for yourself. Could these following photos be fake? Do we see any similarities in the pictures below that might indicate it's a crock of shit? This one's a tough call. Would the president actually lie to the American people? Click on the image below to see the president in all his masculine glory.

Official White House Photos - Click To Enlarge

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