Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gun Control My Ass!

After seeing the images of Moochelle Omama attacking her meal yesterday at the Inaugural Dinner I'm convinced the real need for weapons control is with the White House knives and forks along with her appetite. She's a fucking machine when seated at the table!

Here at The World Of Greasywrench we were able to sneak in our favorite Paparazzi Seymore Butts into the Inaugural Ball and he managed to sneak a few candid photos (shown below) of the dinner service Moochelle Omama ate from. She was swinging the knife and fork so fast she managed to melt (or eat) the flower pattern right off the dishes! Good Lord that Gal can chow down once she gets going!

All the Pork, Cattle, and Seafood in the world beware - you're faced with four more years of this woman's frightening appetite! Forget about a shortage of jobs - the USA will soon be facing a food shortage with this woman lumbering through the White House dining room and kitchen. Lord help us!

Moochelle's Plates

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