Friday, January 18, 2013

Loogies 101

Only a guy would laugh at this shit. Last night on Bill O'Reilly Megyn Kelly was one of the guests and the discussion was about gun control. Bill O asked Megyn a question about what a Luger was. Well what was Megyn's response? She had a blond moment and said she thought Lugers had something to do with Phlegm. Damn I wish I had the video. Anyway, you could hear the crew (guys) in the background cracking up and I damn near fell off my couch laughing at her response.

So let's get something cleared up. A loogie is a nice fat juicy goober (spit). A lunger is one of those loogies that you have to hock back real hard from the bottom of your lungs and pull out with enthusiasm. It also helps to have a bad cold when you bring up a lunger. That way you get that good color (light green) and consistency that defines a real juicy one. Simple enough? And what is a Luger? Read about them here.

I'm not a shooting guy but I swear to defend the Second Amendment to the death. So did Berry Omama when he swore his oath of office. But he's a fucking liar so that makes me a better man. Doesn't it?

Anyway, this concludes today's sermon.


CharlieDelta said...

I've never met you Rich B, but I would be willing to bet the last shit you took was a better man that President ZerO...

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

If I live to be a thousand there will NEVER be a bigger piece of shit than Omama. Besides being a liar, he's a cowardly liar.

If I said on my blog what I really feel and think about his skinny ass I might get a visit from the Men In Black. Just use your imagination CharlieDelta. I bet we feel about the same when it comes to Berry.