Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Omama Leads West Hollywood Gay Parade!

Ever since Newsweek and Andie Sullivan proclaimed Berry Soetero Goebbels Neville Chamberlain Omama America's "First Gay President" the Liar-In-Chief has openly advocated and participated in several Gay Pride events. From Long Beach, the Castro District, West Hollywood, and Fire Island, Omama can often be spotted swishing and marching his way through the Gay districts of America with a sweet and demure smile on his face.

In the lovely photo below, Omama was photographed prancing his way down Santa Monica Blvd in a spiffy new outfit accompanied by a couple of "buddies" he managed to meet (and leave with) in a local West Hollywood tavern. When Omama first spotted the two gentlemen who were standing at the bar in the tavern, he kindly offered to "push up their stools". If nothing else, our president is certainly a gentleman.

Later, as they were leaving the tavern, reporters asked Berry where he was heading and what he planned to do with his new-found friends. He coyly smiled and said "we'll be discussing the upcoming Libya Military strategies with my dear friend RuPaul". He was last seen checking into a Motel Sex Six with his two new "advisers". His last words for the press were "with the help of my two friends here I'm sure we can ram some new things through".... in a political context of course.

Since Moochelle (Mrs Omama) was nowhere to be found on Omama's latest excursion and the president was seen walking with a noticeable limp (and a smile) the next morning, there was considerable speculation he injured himself having some good old-fashioned presidential fun at the Motel Six playing "take my temperature", a game he's often played with Rahm Emanuel while at Camp David. Omama was quoted as saying he "takes being labeled The First Gay president seriously".

Omama in West Hollywood - Click To Engorge

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