Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dems Release Officially Approved Weapons List

In keeping with their tradition of being as worthless as a turd in a punchbowl, the democraps in congress today released their officially approved list of self-defense weapons for women. The list of weapons includes dirt clods, squirt guns, rubber band guns, warm piss, cow flops (complete with an ammo maker) and a potato gun. The image below illustrates the complete fucking lunacy of the progressive mind along with the lack of respect for the ability of the average woman to handle a weapon.

Along with drug and alcohol testing, term limits, and FULL financial disclosures, I'm of the opinion that the members of congress should have to submit to some type of mental screening process. To be perfectly honest I'm not against drinking and an occasional encounter with choom (I was young once myself - just like Omama) but these fuckers are playing with people's lives - all in the name of social engineering and a desire to stomp on the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. Toss in the fact that these assholes are writing our Nation's laws and we have a recipe for disaster.

In days gone by Conservatives joked that liberalism was a mental disease. We're not joking anymore. Something is terribly fucking wrong with these "progressives" and they need to be stopped before they destroy America. The lines are being drawn.

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CharlieDelta said...

The only way to fix it is to tear it all down, burn it to the ground and rebuild. I don't see how this country can rebound from all the decades of corrupt, worthless, brain-dead politicians who have already flushed this once-great-nation right down the crapper.

Revolution now...

Aggie95 said...

I don't know laddie I suspect those weapons will be falling by the way side as well .... proof .... there is already an unofficial ban on Pink Hello Kitty Bubble guns .... so I suspect the king will be coming for those as well saddle up Paul and dash of to Concord and let those bitter clingers know that the King is headed there way .... * SIGH * .... a mental disorder .... they have gone car chasing face biting nuts

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Aggie - I suppose the last bastion of defense for a conservative and or a woman is harsh language. Then again the libs long ago forced "hate speech" laws down our throats so I guess that's a ship that sailed too.

The ultimate tragedy of what I just posted is; I'm not being sarcastic. Everything you commented on and what I posted on my blog is all true.