Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Truth Will Set You Free...

Unless you're a white man or woman. In that case the facts tend to die a lonely death caused by White Guilt or the label racist.

Last night I read a great column in American Thinker that reminded me of what I predicted four years ago when Berry Hussein Goebbels Soetero Neville Chamberlain Omama was elected. I predicted that all criticism of the not-so-great Pretender would cease under the threat of being labeled a racist. The article cited several instances that PROVE my prediction. Read it here.

And with people such as the slobbering Christine Matthews, Alan Colmes, and Bob Beckel, who are the leading butt-licks of Pravda, there's no longer ANY criteria where the Poser-In-Chief can be criticized for anything unless you mention his lame fucking predictions in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And I'm sure that given a few more days or weeks Chrissie Matthews will find more dog-whistle bullshit in order to silence Omama's critics about that. And that's the scary part. This is nothing more than censorship in its most subtle and sleazy form. And the Poser in the White House knows and loves the people pretending to be journalists and the fact they will cover his ass in almost all situations. And as far as I'm concerned these dicks masquerading as reporters should be forced to eat the paper their lies are printed on. Then they can gag like the rest of thinking Americans on the crap that's passing for objective reporting these days.


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